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AHRQ Survey on Patient Safety Culture

The Patient Safety Group offers the EASIEST, MOST AFFORDABLE way to administer the AHRQ Hospital Culture Survey, the AHRQ Medical Office Culture Survey and the AHRQ Nursing Home Culture Survey. Discover why the Patient Safety Group has collected more than 1,300,000 surveys from more than 600 hospitals.

Our survey is easy to setup, easy to take, and the results are instant. Benchmark your data to the national AHRQ benchmark results. Assess the safety culture of your organization as a whole or for specific units within the organization. Moreover, this survey can be used to track changes in patient safety and quality over time and to evaluate the impact of patient safety interventions.

The Culture Survey
“You have an excellent tool (and company) to work with. Have just started reviewing some of the high level reports. I foresee a great deal of positive work that will come from this.”
Timothy Feist, FACHE
V.P. Performance Improvement
Peninsula Regional Medical Center

“What a wonderful tool! Having administered and analyzed previous cultural surveys..., the benefits of this tool more than outweigh the reasonable cost.”
Kathy Haig
Patient Safety Officer
OSF Healthcare
Our survey features:
   •  Robust survey analysis and reporting
   •  Reports instantly available upon survey completion
   •  Compare your results vs. AHRQ benchmarks
   •  Web-based survey and analysis
   •  User-generated reporting lets you dissect the data how you want
   •  Hospital Survey is available in Spanish
   •  Easy to setup, take and administer
   •  Monitor response rates in real-time
   •  Quick turnaround for starting up
   •  Export results or import previous results
   •  Little to no IT/IS required by hospitals
   •  Hospital defined units/departments
   •  Simplicity - saves time, money and effort
   •  Affordably priced

View the Hospital online survey
View the Medical Office online survey
View the Nursing Home online survey

Culture Survey Reporting Guide 2012 (2.7 Mb)
View a sample report with benchmarks

Culture Survey FAQs
Culture Survey Checklist - a step by step implementation plan for the survey.
Hospital Culture Survey User Guide

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Joint Commission Requirements
The Joint Commission has issued new Leadership Standards. The Leadership Standards are part of the accreditation manuals and are requirements for accreditation. An organization must comply with these standards to maintain accreditation. Regarding Standard LD.03.01.01, Culture of Safety and Quality, " Leaders create and maintain a culture of safety and quality throughout the [organization]." Elements of Performance for LD.03.01.01 #1 "Leaders regularly evaluate the culture of safety and quality using valid and reliable tools."

AHRQ Information
For more information about the AHRQ Survey, or for a printable form to use as a source for gathering responses:

Printable AHRQ Hospital Culture Survey
Printable AHRQ Medical Office Culture Survey
Printable AHRQ Nursing Home Culture Survey

Guide to AHRQ Hospital Culture Survey
Guide to AHRQ Medical Office Culture Survey
Guide to AHRQ Nursing Home Culture Survey

Based on data from 680 U.S. hospitals, the
Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture: 2016 Comparative Database Report Part 1
Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture: 2016 Comparative Database Report Part 2
provides initial results that hospitals can use as benchmarks in establishing a culture of safety. The report consists of a narrative description of the findings and two appendixes, presenting data by hospital characteristics and respondent characteristics.